Inspiring and Emotional as it is Intense and Chaotic

What Critics Are Saying

If ever we have needed independent film to fill the void Hollywood leaves in storytelling, we are in that time...Jason Bee has spent over half a decade along with his blood, sweat, and tears to do so with "Donovan," AND IT SHOWS.

Rob Ervin, The Clubhouse Podcast

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"Donovan" Posters

11"x17" Official "Dual-Face" Poster
11"x17" Original "Life is Beautiful/Disdainful" Butterfly Concept Poster

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Johnny Marr's bio is a
"who's who" of rock n' roll history.

THANK YOU Johnny Marr...

...for his tremendous help featuring "New Town Velocity" in DONOVAN.
You can get his single and countless others at

And for you superfans of this rock icon, be sure to grab his autobiography,
"Set the Boy Free"'s a great read from a legendary musician.


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